2014 - Gold Cup - Great Britain

36878Gold Cup Semi-Final BStanza 1 of 8GillisMcIntosh
36882Gold Cup Semifinal AStanza 1 of 8AllfreyMason
36892Gold Cup SemiFinal AStanza 2 of 8AllfreyMason
36893Gold Cup SemiFinal BStanza 2 of 8GillisMcIntosh
36895Gold Cup SemiFinal AStanza 3 of 8AllfreyMason
36896Gold Cup SemiFinal BStanza 3 of 8GillisMcIntosh
36901Gold Cup SemiFinal AStanza 4 of 8AllfreyMason
36902Gold Cup SemiFinal BStanza 4 of 8GillisMcIntosh
36905Gold Cup SemiFinal AStanza 5 of 8AllfreyMason
36907Gold Cup SemiFinal BStanza 5 of 8GillisMcIntosh
36908Gold Cup SemiFinal BStanza 6 of 8GillisMcIntosh
36910Gold Cup SemiFinal BStanza 7 of 8GillisMcIntosh
36911Gold Cup SemiFinal AStanza 6 of 8AllfreyMason
36912Gold Cup SemiFinal AStanza 7 of 8AllfreyMason
36913Gold Cup SemiFinal BStanza 7 of 8GillisMcIntosh
36914Gold Cup SemiFinal AStanza 8 of 8AllfreyMason
36916Gold Cup SemiFinal BStanza 8 of 8GillisMcIntosh
36946Gold Cup FinalStanza 1 of 8AllfreyMcIntosh
36950Gold Cup FinalStanza 2 of 8AllfreyMcIntosh
36952Gold Cup FinalStanza 3 of 8AllfreyMcIntosh
36953Gold Cup FinalStanza 4 of 8AllfreyMcIntosh
36955Gold Cup FinalStanza 5 of 8AllfreyMcIntosh
36956Gold Cup FinalStanza 6 of 8AllfreyMcIntosh
36957Gold Cup FinalStanza 7 of 8AllfreyMcIntosh
36958Gold Cup FinalStanza 8 of 8AllfreyMcIntosh